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Corioliss Flat Iron – My review

If you think you might be in the market for a new flat iron anytime soon, you have got to see if there is a Corioliss Flat Iron for you. Chances are there is. Most companies just make a few models for a limited number of types of hair, but Corioliss is one company that gave me the selection I wanted before making my choice. Maybe you will find the same thing is true for you.

Like many of us, I have curly hair that I sometimes like to wear straight. But having to make an appointment with my hairstylist to have straight hair always involved way more hours than I wanted to devote to it. So, unless there was a very special event or reason for going to see him, I just wouldn’t.

Finally, I took his advice. He has been telling me for two years to get myself a flat iron and learn to straighten my hair myself. I know that sounds nuts. I mean, why would he not want to get paid to do it for me. The truth is, he cares about his customers, and so he explained to me that unless I need a really special job done, it’s easier for me to straighten my hair at home. He said that with the right Corioliss model, which he happens to sell by the way, I could do my own hair in about 15 minutes or less. The man knows good customer service. What can I say?

So I took his advice and started my search for the right Corioliss flat iron for me. Fortunately, my search began and ended in the his chair. That was quick.

Sid, that’s his name, knows my hair, so he knew just which model to sell me, and taught me a little bit about using it.

For me, he said the Corioliss Pro would be the right size for my hair. He also told me that the embedded tourmaline creates negative ions which makes my hair healthier and shinier.

There are at least 5 other models in different sizes and colors, but he said this one was the best for my hair.

Sid also told me to start out at lower temperatures and work my way up through the adjustable heat settings until I found the one that was best for my hair. He gave me an idea of where to start, but he said each iron was a little bit different, and that it would, be safer for my hair to start this way.

My Corioliss Pro is adjustable from 140 degrees all the way up to 410 degrees. I found that 390 degrees worked best for my hair. Sid said it would be around 400, and he was right.

It heats up fast too. In less than 6 seconds it’s ready to start straightening my hair. I don’t even have time to get a cup of instant coffee, it’s so fast.

I love that now I can have straight hair in less than 15 minutes whenever I want. Of course that doesn’t include the prep time of shampooing and conditioning. But I can do that the night before. I feel so free now. And it makes my hair look so good.

If you want to take control of your hair and time too, then pick out your own Corioliss flat iron, and come be free with me. I can tell that this is definitely top 10 best flat irons for 2012.

I’m Cultured, I like Wine

My wife and I have been married for a while now.  We’re constantly looking for things to do together, although that list is seemingly getting shorter and shorter every year because we’re doing more with our friends and our kids.

I don’t like shopping.

She doesn’t like sports.

I hate romantic comedies.

She hates action movies.

One thing we have started to do together though is to attend a local wine of the month club.  We both like the fact that we get to meet new people and to learn more about wine, it makes us (well me especially) feel cultured and refined.  Given that we live pretty close to San Francisco, the wine is really great and it gives us a set night out of the house and perhaps more importantly, away from the kids!

Selecting The Best E Cigarette From A Crowded Marketplace

I’ve talked before in this blog about how the e cigarette is a product which has the potential to help you get off tobacco products, and that making the switch could be beneficial to your health. Since there are so many different brands on the market these days I thought I could be helpful if I ran through some of the top products to give you an idea of which are worth buying.

As I said previously E-Lites was the brand I discovered first, and it’s one which I still rate very highly, but there are others out there which have their advantages. Let’s take a look at two other e cigarettes which I think are worth considering when you want to get into vaping.

1. Green Smoke – The Green Smoke cigarette is a product which is familiar to anyone who has done the slightest amount of research on the Internet thanks to this company’s aggressive marketing techniques. Thankfully they are not only well known, but they also make a product that lives up to the hype. Green Smokes are undoubtedly made to a very high standard which sets them apart from most other manufacturers out there. Their electronic cigarettes taste great, produce amazing vapor, and last for an age before you need to replace them.

The only downside to Green Smoke products is that they are far from the cheapest on the market. You will still save a tonne of cash compared to using tobacco but if you are on a tight budget then you might want to look elsewhere.

2. Safe Cig – Safe Cigs are in many ways even better then Green Smoke but they have a couple of points which push them down into the number two spot.

The positives about this brand are the flavor of the carts (the best in the industry) and the size of their Micro e cig (about as close to the size of a real cigarette as it’s possible to get). They also charge very little cash for their starter kits which means you can get started for about $60.

The downside to the Safe Cig is that it doesn’t produce as much vapor as the Green Smoke so it’s not quite as satisfying to use.

Whether you opt to purchase the E-Lites brand I have talked about before or go for one of those reviewed here, you can be sure these three products are some of the finest available on the market today. Select one of these instead of the many inferior products for sale on the Internet and you ensure you have the best possible chance of making the switch to electronic cigarettes over the long term.

Did E Cigarettes Save My Life?

After smoking for over 10 years it was always going to be a difficult thing for me to kick the habit in to touch. I did actually try (and fail) on many occasions over the years trying methods that included hypnotherapy, nicotine patches and even cold turkey (i definitely don’t recommend this!).

When electronic cigarettes first became available I was very skeptical passing them off as another gimmick, so much so that I completely ignored them for a couple of years! WOW what a wasted couple of years I have since learned that was!

I first decided to try a brand called E-Lites after reading this review of the E-Lites e cigarette. I definitely struck it lucky first time around as they are a very good brand, I did however decide to try another brand just after this and they were pretty poor. If I had tried these first I probably would have given up trying e cigarettes there and then!

The good thing is that I am well on my way to giving up completely and only use an ecig once or twice a day at most. If you are on the fence don’t hesitate to try them out, like me it could save your life!


The Amortization Calculator

An amortization calculator is simply a formula which is used to work out the sum due in repayments each month as part of the schedule of repaying a loan or mortgage. The ‘calculator’ itself amounts to little more than a simple mathematical formula, but the concepts behind the raw calculation can be a little trickier to understand.

Amortization, in its simplest terms, is the process of reducing a loan, or sometimes the value of an asset, by an amount paid at regular intervals. The term itself shares a root with the French word for death, mirroring the fact that the loan is ‘killed off’ slowly.

The total amount of every installment of the repayment schedule is the same. However, a schedule will often apply more interest to the regular amount at the beginning of the schedule, and less of the actual amount to be repaid, commonly referred to as the principle.

Despite these variations, the amount of each repayment still remains the same throughout, spreading the burden of the loan over a pre-agreed period of time. This has become a pretty standard way of conducting loan arrangements throughout the capitalist world.

An amortization calculator is a useful device to use before purchasing a loan of any kind, as it usually allows the prospective borrower to see which loans they can actually afford, or to see how a loan can fit into a budget and possible schedule. It can reveal the exact amount of money will be paid in interest and repayment of the principle for each payment, allowing the specifics of a credit agreement to be tweaked until it fits to the customer’s needs and ability to pay.

The actual mathematical formula such a calculator uses is based around the principle being multiplied by a complex calculation of the interest rate, which in turn is being multiplied by itself plus one, to the power of the number of repayments, then divided by the rate plus one to the power of the number of payments minus one. It is much easier to follow the calculation when presented mathematically, but easier still to use a computer programme.

Most of this kind of calculation tool work alongside a programme such as Excel, which allows the repayment formula to be built into complex spreadsheet calculations. Other computer programmes can, of course, be used, but it is advisable to use some form of technology rather than raw calculation in order to ensure that the amounts are correct.

As well as for long-term loans such as mortgages, which can be quite complex, the calculation tool can also be used to help assess more short-term and simpler credit arrangements, such as student loans or finance for a vehicle. The formula is essentially a universal one, though there may be slight variations according to different countries.

An amortization calculator can be a valuable tool for any household considering making new credit arrangements. It is also wise to seek proper, professional advice in order to make a proper judgment and efficient assessment.

Six Natural Ways to Lower your Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is known as the silent killer. Hypertension is defined as a systolic reading above 140 or a diastolic reading above 90 (use a blood pressure chart). Many people who have numbers above these ranges have been able to lower them significantly with lifestyle changes. In many cases they are able to avoid taking medication for the condition. The following six lifestyle changes can help anyone battling hypertension.

Losing as little as ten pounds can reduce the readings at the doctor’s office. In general, the more weight a person loses the lower the readings will be. If you must take medication, losing weight also makes them more effective at reaching your goals.

Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise on most days of one’s week can help to lower pressures by 4-9 mm HG. This change can often be seen within a few weeks. Persons that are diagnosed with prehypertension can use exercise to keep the pressures down to a safer level and often prevent full-blown hypertension from developing.

Diets that are rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products can make a big difference in those pressures. People that follow the DASH diet can lower the numbers by as much as 14 mm HG. When following a healthy eating plan, patients should realize an occasional treat is allowable and when used in moderation can help to lower the numbers as well as the stress of a diet.

By lowering the amount of sodium, primarily through eliminating table salt, it is possible to lower the readings by another 2 to 8 mm Hg. Everyone should limit sodium to 2300 mg or less daily. Anyone over age 51 as well as those of African American descent and those with hypertension or chronic kidney disease need to lower their consumption to less than 1500 mg daily. Reaching these goals is easier if the person cuts back gradually.

Alcohol can have both positive and negative benefits on one’s health. Small amounts may actually lower hypertension, but those who consume too much alcohol can make the condition worse. The recommended amount is one drink for women and a maximum of two for men daily. In addition, it is not recommended that those who do not currently drink start to lower hypertension as alcohol offers more potential for harm than for good.

When fighting hypertension, it is important to avoid tobacco products of all types. In addition, avoid secondhand smoke. Nicotine in tobacco products can raise the pressures by up to 10 mm HG. Once elevated by nicotine, the pressures may remain elevated for four hours after smoking. Just six cigarettes daily will keep the pressure high for the entire day. Even second hand smoke can negatively affect your attempts to lower hypertension.

Hypertension is a deadly disease. It may lead to heart attack or stroke. While lifestyle changes may lower hypertension, it is important that patients never stop taking medication for hypertension without first speaking with their doctor. Even if a doctor wants the patient to continue taking blood pressure medication for the condition, the lifestyle changes made will result in significant improvements in the health.

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