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Exploring Scotland

As a keen traveller i always enjoy getting way and seeing something new and getting a taste of different cultures having traveled all over the globe from Peru to Egypt and Australia to Scandinavia always taking something back i never know before with me. But recently it struck me how little of my own country i had seen and knew about. I was quite embarrassed about it the more thought about it. 

I sat down with a map of Scotland and had a look at all the places i had never visited, which was quite a lot and made a list of things that i wanted to see, do and visit. Looking at it i realised i had never been to visit one of the Scottish island. So that was marked down as the first on the list to do. The next holiday weekend i was going to just in my car and head to the ferry and send the weekend way somewhere.

The bank holiday came about and i had convinced on of my best friends to come way with me he is a big whisky fan so i used the excuse of going to a Islay Scotch distillery for a tour and tasting to get him to come along with me. 

So Friday we packed up the car and headed from Glasgow to Kennacraig to catch the ferry over to the island. The ferry trip was pretty dull with calm waters there was no sea sickness to talk about. on arrive we headed to the little B&B that we had booked to drop off out things and get a cuppa before exploring.

We were great ed by a lovely old woman who showed us to our room and made us a cup of tea, while chatting we asked he if there was much on this weekend. It turned out there was a beach rugby tournament happening sounded like it might be a bit of a wild time so decided to go check it all out,

The place was wild with loads of people out and about drinking beers and having a laugh. We decided to keep it fairly tame the first night we had a day of sightseeing to and a distillery to visit. 

The Saturday was great day sun was shining so we headed off early to get round the island and take in as much as we could before heading to the distillery. The views were beautiful and up spoiled by man and buildings. After a good day out and about we hit the distillery where it all turned blurry we enjoyed a couple too many sample then headed out for a party with all the people from the rugby. This meant for a hungover Sunday but it was well worth it getting to meet the locals. 

If he rest of my trips are like this one i can wait to get away again round Scotland.