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Taking Care of Stray Cat


My mother loves cat so much. One of my neighbor calls her the queen of cat. Even though she already has two dozen of cats, she will take in another stray cat. She says that she felt pity for the cat for the whole reason that every human needs to take care of animals. Well I think I agree with her. Recently there is a pregnant cat, which stays in my rooftop. I think she will labor soon. Well having a great mother who can take care of cat you may think I can do the same. Well sorry to disappoint you but I really do not know how to do that. I want to help the cat but she is very aggressive every time I come near her. Some of my friends tell me some tips. Maybe you can do it to when you found stray cat near you. First, give her a food. Leave her food at night to start with. Always provide fresh water near it. Second, come and take a look it occasionally, so she will get used to you. After she is familiar with you, you can try to feed it directly in the daytime. If she shows an aggressive signal, just place the can down and back up slowly. If she allow you to pet her then it is meant that you already gain her trust. Well the pregnant cat already has three little cute kitten and I take them in our house. Plus with the automatic cat feeder we can take care of them better.

Automatic Cat Feeder My Perfect Gift

I am a cat lover and in entire my life I never think about this would be happen. Before getting marriage taking care of my cats never become a problem for me. The problem comes when my husband often protest about my cat behavior which often steal our meal. He asked me to throw away my cats. I cry for begging to keep my cats still taken care by me.

And the most meaningful birthday gift was given to me in 2012 by my husband. I was given a huge box and I found upon opening it that it contained something wrapped perfectly. When I finally got it, it contained an automatic cat feeder

This awesome cat feeder was simply beautiful, but that is not what made it the most meaningful gift. This and we are still as in love today as we were all those many years ago without any little problem disturb us. That is what makes the automatic cat feeder the most meaningful birthday gift I have ever received. I must confess that we are definitely more mature than when I received the gift, we have grown stronger in our marriage and more understand each other.