Monthly Archives: March 2014

Some Thoughts On Investing In The Stock Market

I missed the Facebook IPO. Its too bad because even though the stock initially went down, it went back up and has given everyone who held on a nice gain. I know that there are no guarantees in the stock market but I wish I knew more about buying stocks so that I could perhaps learn how to better save for retirement. 

There is another IPO that is going to be coming up sometime this year. It is for the Chinese company Alibaba which is apparently a massive e-commerce site that does more business than Amazon and Ebay COMBINED! Now that is one huge company and already the hype is starting to build. I’m thinking maybe I should buy some of their stock when it comes for sale and hold on for 5 to 10 years. If they are as dominant as Amazon, it could be a good investment for patient long term investors of which I am.

I don’t know much about initial public offerings other than they are the first time a company goes public and anyone can buy shares of the business. I researched online to find more about how to buy Alibaba stock at the IPO and didn’t find too much other than that link. It seems I could buy Yahoo stock to get a piece of the Alibaba pie but I don’t understand too much about that.

Putting some of my money in stocks seems to be a good thing to do from what I have read. I do know that I should be making some money with my savings and the bank is givoing me nothing. I know I’m late to the game investing but everyone has to start somewhere so I might start with buying Alibaba whenever it goes public later this year.