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When Irish Eyes aren’t Enough

When you’ve been away from home for a while, you can end up missing the strangest things. When I was living in Dublin I used to occasionally watch the TV3 media site called 3player. I wasn’t an avid user but the odd bored dinner hour or on the train home of an evening, it’s a nice little site but much of it has a distinctive Irish feel to it.

However a few months away from Ireland and it becomes much more important, the soaps, the documentaries and even the chat shows – i miss them all desperately for some reason. A friend suggested that perhaps I’m just a bit homesick and hearing an Irish accent is what I crave.

The problem is that if you try and access 3player from anywhere outside Ireland you just get a message saying ‘sorry this video is not available in your region’. It’s annoying as it implies it’s just that video, but actually you get that same message from the whole site whenever you try and play something. The reason is that for licensing restrictions nothing is accessible even from the UK.

Fortunately there is a way around this, you just need an Irish proxy like this video demonstrates –

As you can see you just have to fib a little and pretend your inside Ireland by using the server located in Dublin. This gives 3Player the impression that you have an Irish IP address and everything works ok. It’s very useful and I’ve tried it in several countries and it always works, in fact the principle means that you can access other players which are normally restricted too. I enjoy the HBO one which streams Game of Thrones and of course the BBC iPLayer is one of the best.

There’s another video demonstrating a similar service but they all pretty much work the same, the main difference is usually speed. You can even find a few free Irish proxies but I am reliably informed these can damage your computer as often they’re used to install malware and viruses on people who use them.