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Special Gifts for Christmas

I just went a little overboard with the Christmas gifts I bought for my wife and kids.  Even though times are a little tough and money is tight, it’s hard not to spend more money than you anticipated.   I know how thrilled they’ll be come Christmas morning, and that joy is worth a few extra hours of overtime throughout the year.

For my two girls I bought a lot of the “usual” suspects such as princess outfits and games, a lot of puzzles for my older daughter who is just a master at them, and tons of books, as that’s how we spend our special “daddy and daughter time” – curled up on the couch reading endless stories.

So that’s all normal stuff, right?  Well, for my wife (and not incidentally, for me too!) I got this amazing outdoor fire pit we’ve been researching for what seems like forever.  It was on the expensive side, but it’s a really high quality one and it has this neat set of cutouts in the side of the fire pit bowl that looks like the moon and stars.  So viewed from the side you can see the fire dancing through these cutouts!

Then where I really went a little wild was in this firewood storage rack I bought to store all the firewood we’ll be burning.  It was nearly as expensive as the fire pit itself!  It’s a top of the line Woodhaven firewood rack, and from what I can tell it’ll be worth every penny.  It comes with a lifetime warranty, which for an outdoor product is an amazing assurance.  It also comes with this really cool adjustable waterproof cover; it self-adjusts when you take firewood out or put new wood in and it keeps the wood dry from precipitation while still allowing the wood to breathe.  Sure, it was a big splurge, but I’m happy with the purchases and I hope my wife is too.