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My Growing Paranoia About Privacy

I’m sure I didn’t used to be like this, paranoid I mean.  I don’t remember being secretive or being worried that other people knew where I lived or where I worked.  I know when it started though and it’s more than just my passing years that is to blame.

I use Facebook so I have no desire to be a complete hermit.  But I cringe when people put up stupid photos of themselves, or broadcast their address and telephone number on their wall.  I briefly think of reminding them that’s its a bit stupid to announce online where you live and then the next day confirm that the property will be empty for three weeks as you are going on holiday.   If I was considering becoming a criminal, a long list of Facebook friends would be a business asset.

There are other problems, in the UK before we all spectacularly ran out of money the last Government has some seriously unnerving idea.  To collect all the data available on what everyone does online and put it in a database that the Government, Police and various agencies could access when they wish to spy on us.

It was called the Intercept Modernization Program and it was nothing more than a huge spying database.  If the East German Secret Police, the Stasi would have been overjoyed if they were still around.  The justification some mumblings about safety and capturing terrorists.

Of course we had a safety net, in the fact that Government IT projects never work properly.  However if by some fluke it had been implemented correctly it would be the same as having a webcam on every screen in the land, whilst the Government minions peer over your shoulder.

The more people want to monitor what I’m doing online, the less inclined I am to let them.  So now I have used the technology available to make sure that what I do on the web is private.  I stay up to date with all the latest anonymous surfing techniques (source: http://www.anonymous-proxies.org/2009/10/anonymous-surfing-needs-more-than-proxy.html) and invest in software to keep me safe.

If my government want to know what I’ve been doing online then they can come and ask me.  Spying on the entire population on the off chance of picking up the odd dopey terrorist is not a good enough excuse in my opinion.