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Winters and Trucking Companies

I use to love winter. Absolutely thought it was the best time of the year. Every time it snowed there was joy brought to my heart. The way the trees looked while being lightly covered by white fluffy snow just seemed so perfect to me.

That is until I had to start processing the traffic accident claims for a trucking company. Winters are not the friends of truck drivers. Big Eighteen wheelers do not handle in snow well. Even the most experienced of drivers seem to get themselves into a mess every now and again during the winter.

Nowadays, when I think I winter I no longer see the fluffy snow on the pine trees. Oh noÂ… I see white piles of paper that seem to be endless sitting on my desk. I never thought I would be wishing for spring to come so bad in all my life. But here I am in January waiting for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom.

Arcade Fire’s Grammy Win, and How the Internet Went Crazy

Something crazy happened about a year ago. Arcade Fire won the Grammy award for Album of the Year with their album The Suburbs. Now I am not particularly an Arcade Fire, only enjoying a handful of songs. But I was happy to see them get the win because it is obvious that the worked hard on this concept album and were the dark horse in the race.

However, I saw a lot of hate come out against this group. Many people hated their win because they had never heard Arcade Fire. Because an indie rock darling band took the award home instead of Eminem, people nearly had whiplash from their confusion or burst into fire in their rage. They could not even get the band name right, often misnaming them Arcade Fries.

Even a Tumbler account was created to keep track of the negative reactions on the Internet. But the biggest issue I had was the claim that we couldn’t let a rock band win the award because rock ‘n roll is dead. As far as I see it, it is thriving still. From the indie scene to major acts like The Strokes, The Black Keys, and Vampire Weekend, there is still plenty of rock worthy of these young people’s time.