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Corioliss Flat Iron – My review

If you think you might be in the market for a new flat iron anytime soon, you have got to see if there is a Corioliss Flat Iron for you. Chances are there is. Most companies just make a few models for a limited number of types of hair, but Corioliss is one company that gave me the selection I wanted before making my choice. Maybe you will find the same thing is true for you.

Like many of us, I have curly hair that I sometimes like to wear straight. But having to make an appointment with my hairstylist to have straight hair always involved way more hours than I wanted to devote to it. So, unless there was a very special event or reason for going to see him, I just wouldn’t.

Finally, I took his advice. He has been telling me for two years to get myself a flat iron and learn to straighten my hair myself. I know that sounds nuts. I mean, why would he not want to get paid to do it for me. The truth is, he cares about his customers, and so he explained to me that unless I need a really special job done, it’s easier for me to straighten my hair at home. He said that with the right Corioliss model, which he happens to sell by the way, I could do my own hair in about 15 minutes or less. The man knows good customer service. What can I say?

So I took his advice and started my search for the right Corioliss flat iron for me. Fortunately, my search began and ended in the his chair. That was quick.

Sid, that’s his name, knows my hair, so he knew just which model to sell me, and taught me a little bit about using it.

For me, he said the Corioliss Pro would be the right size for my hair. He also told me that the embedded tourmaline creates negative ions which makes my hair healthier and shinier.

There are at least 5 other models in different sizes and colors, but he said this one was the best for my hair.

Sid also told me to start out at lower temperatures and work my way up through the adjustable heat settings until I found the one that was best for my hair. He gave me an idea of where to start, but he said each iron was a little bit different, and that it would, be safer for my hair to start this way.

My Corioliss Pro is adjustable from 140 degrees all the way up to 410 degrees. I found that 390 degrees worked best for my hair. Sid said it would be around 400, and he was right.

It heats up fast too. In less than 6 seconds it’s ready to start straightening my hair. I don’t even have time to get a cup of instant coffee, it’s so fast.

I love that now I can have straight hair in less than 15 minutes whenever I want. Of course that doesn’t include the prep time of shampooing and conditioning. But I can do that the night before. I feel so free now. And it makes my hair look so good.

If you want to take control of your hair and time too, then pick out your own Corioliss flat iron, and come be free with me. I can tell that this is definitely top 10 best flat irons for 2012.