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A Freezerless Refrigerator – My New Years Gift To Myself

Believe it or not, I have decided to purchase a new freezerless refrigerator.  I have been struggling to cope with the little top mounted fridge I have in my kitchen for years now.  I always thought to myself that I could continue to make do, and that it wasn’t worth spending the money to buy a new kitchen appliance, but today I finally snapped.

My friend Jean bought over some great leftovers from her Christmas feast for me.  She always cooks enough to feed an army, which means people like me – who don’t put in quite so much effort – can rely on her handing out the excess from any celebration!

Unfortunately my overly small fridge is already full.  It has a combination of my regular groceries and a huge cake my coworker made for me last week.  Now I had to really squeeze to get this extra food in!  It is great stuff – ham, stuffing, the works – so I didn’t want to waste it.

Thankfully I pulled it off, but I had to be careful for the next couple of days opening the refrigerator to make sure nothing fell outJ

My new year’s resolution is to pick up an additional freezerless refrigerator.  I think I will probably put in my home office, as my kitchen doesn’t have much spare space.  While the official purpose for this new refrigerator without freezer will be to store donations of food, it will also come in handy to keep drinks cold!  Quite a nice little fringe benefit really.

Picking the brand and model will be on my to-do list, to be done as soon as I fully recover from the upcoming New Year’s Eve party.  Thankfully that will not be held at my house – I still don’t have sufficient beer cooling capacity to entertain a crowd.