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Personal Blogging as a tool in Digital Marketing

BlogBlogging is perhaps the latest in a long string of digital marketing campaigns seeking to expand their target marketing. The now famous Cordyceps fungi, whose far-reaching medical properties have taken the world by storm, is fast becoming the object of many personal blogs. These online Bloggers are a select few, and have the pleasure of having witnessed the effects of Cordyceps as a magic drug.

A personal blog employs a 1st person writing style, one that entails sharing personal experiences with your readers, and getting feedback on particular issues. General Blogging was a constituent of writers whose focus was on new discoveries, headline news items and the like. This is perhaps evident, as many scientists, whose articles on the need to incorporate Cordyceps in prescription medication, caused blogging to take a turn for the better. Personal Blogging is becoming more and more common place in organizations seeking to diversify, and take full advantage of the online market place. More small, and large organizations alike, are now turning to Facebook, Twitter, and popular blog spots in an attempt to increase their market share. In this day and age of a pathological online frenzy, many people now look to Blogging to vent out their anger, or ultimately share their happiness. This makes personal blogging very much a part of daily living, their proverbial online diary-if you will.

Whatever takes your fancy usually ends up in your blog that is actually how the concept came into being. The 1st person writing style may not be the best way to run a business or self interest group blog. The idea, one quite common, is where you run both your personal and business blog concurrently, providing a link of one on the other, but being very mindful of content.