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Winters and Trucking Companies

I use to love winter. Absolutely thought it was the best time of the year. Every time it snowed there was joy brought to my heart. The way the trees looked while being lightly covered by white fluffy snow just seemed so perfect to me.

That is until I had to start processing the traffic accident claims for a trucking company. Winters are not the friends of truck drivers. Big Eighteen wheelers do not handle in snow well. Even the most experienced of drivers seem to get themselves into a mess every now and again during the winter.

Nowadays, when I think I winter I no longer see the fluffy snow on the pine trees. Oh noÂ… I see white piles of paper that seem to be endless sitting on my desk. I never thought I would be wishing for spring to come so bad in all my life. But here I am in January waiting for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom.

Arcade Fire’s Grammy Win, and How the Internet Went Crazy

Something crazy happened about a year ago. Arcade Fire won the Grammy award for Album of the Year with their album The Suburbs. Now I am not particularly an Arcade Fire, only enjoying a handful of songs. But I was happy to see them get the win because it is obvious that the worked hard on this concept album and were the dark horse in the race.

However, I saw a lot of hate come out against this group. Many people hated their win because they had never heard Arcade Fire. Because an indie rock darling band took the award home instead of Eminem, people nearly had whiplash from their confusion or burst into fire in their rage. They could not even get the band name right, often misnaming them Arcade Fries.

Even a Tumbler account was created to keep track of the negative reactions on the Internet. But the biggest issue I had was the claim that we couldn’t let a rock band win the award because rock ‘n roll is dead. As far as I see it, it is thriving still. From the indie scene to major acts like The Strokes, The Black Keys, and Vampire Weekend, there is still plenty of rock worthy of these young people’s time.

Personal Blogging as a tool in Digital Marketing

BlogBlogging is perhaps the latest in a long string of digital marketing campaigns seeking to expand their target marketing. The now famous Cordyceps fungi, whose far-reaching medical properties have taken the world by storm, is fast becoming the object of many personal blogs. These online Bloggers are a select few, and have the pleasure of having witnessed the effects of Cordyceps as a magic drug.

A personal blog employs a 1st person writing style, one that entails sharing personal experiences with your readers, and getting feedback on particular issues. General Blogging was a constituent of writers whose focus was on new discoveries, headline news items and the like. This is perhaps evident, as many scientists, whose articles on the need to incorporate Cordyceps in prescription medication, caused blogging to take a turn for the better. Personal Blogging is becoming more and more common place in organizations seeking to diversify, and take full advantage of the online market place. More small, and large organizations alike, are now turning to Facebook, Twitter, and popular blog spots in an attempt to increase their market share. In this day and age of a pathological online frenzy, many people now look to Blogging to vent out their anger, or ultimately share their happiness. This makes personal blogging very much a part of daily living, their proverbial online diary-if you will.

Whatever takes your fancy usually ends up in your blog that is actually how the concept came into being. The 1st person writing style may not be the best way to run a business or self interest group blog. The idea, one quite common, is where you run both your personal and business blog concurrently, providing a link of one on the other, but being very mindful of content.

We Have Finally Bought Our First Home Together!

I am really excited right now because my boyfriend and I are just about to move into our first new home together. We have rented for the last 6 months trying to save up enough cash for our own place and the time has finally arrived.

Unfortunately, it is going to take a few weeks to really get it anywhere near liveable as the lady who owned it before us was very old and the interior of the home was and still is extremely dated in design. We have such big plans with it – we are going to rip out everything and just leave the bare shell and then go about making it our very own home.

The first thing we will do is to redo all the electrical wiring, install a central heating system and get a new kitchen. After that is mainly cosmetic work but hubby says I can do anything I want with it – well, within reason and budget of course!

I haven’t been this excited for a long time, it really does feels like life is moving in the right direction now. Hopefully it will be just a matter of time until I get that ring on my finger!

Why Your Pet Deserves More from You

If you have a pet like I do and you love it, you will want to take good care of it. After all, these beings are there for you all the time, irrespective of whether it is night or day. They are alert as ever and note even the slightest disturbance, when guarding your house at night, or when you are out on work. They even play with your kids and protect them while you out. You are sure, you cannot do without them. How many times have you thought about what you’re pet needs when you are out shopping? Apart from food, how many times have you bought it an accessory that it loves to play with, or use?

Automatic litter box and remote pet feeders are usual devices that are used to save your time and do more. But what are you saving this time for? Is it for spending time with your family, or indulge with more work? Family is as important as work, but rarely do you realize that, in a rush to earn and make them comfortable, You are losing out on spending quality time with them. Pets are integral parts of your family and bringing pets a plaything that it loves, is a way to express your love.

Pet peeks, automatic tennis ball canon, scratching posts are few examples of accessories that a pet would love to use or play with. Pets do deserve some pampering, because they are not expecting anything in return, of their love and care. Pets care for their owner more than anyone else does. So it is time, we started caring about them a little.

Plans for 2012

One of the things that I’ve set as a New Year’s Resolution is to get myself fitter this year. The plan is to work on two areas. The first being physical activity and the second being my diet. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about joining a gym or anything like that. Nor do I plan to “go on a diet”.

What I do intend to do however is to use my body. I’m thinking of doing more walking and cycling about rather than using the car. I really enjoy running to, or at least, I used to when I was at high school. What is it about becoming an adult that puts so many of us of moving our bodies? So the plan is to get myself fitted for a new pair of runners and do some cross country jogging. To begin with, I’m not too worried about pace. I just want to get back into the habit.

On the diet side of things, I’ve been trying to find honest reviews juicer and thinking about whether I should get a cheap or more expensive machine. Both have their advantages. Seeing as I’m trying to make a long term commitment to myself, I don’t see any real reason to hold back.

I’m going to do this!

3 Steps to a Healthier and Stress Free Life

As our lives continue to be bombarded with different stress level causing activities, it is natural that in someway we feel the urge to surrender. Although, we live in an environment that is full of trials and countless appointments we should find ways on how to have a healthier and stress free life.

Just like in any career you might have for the moment, whether you are a start-up web designer trying to master the skills of web designing, never give up with the work, find the right tools to help you attain your goals and get to the top like getting the latest free Photoshop that can be download for you to hone your craftsmanship in creating awesome websites later on.

Let us reward ourselves with these 3 guiding steps to effectively win over this demanding world we live in:

1.     Proper diet

Yes, food is one of our essential needs to go on with our daily activities, but this doesn’t mean that we should over indulge on some food groups whenever we feel depress. The belief that once you have eaten sugary food or junk food as your cravings will make you feel good is entirely wrong. According to certain scientific studies, an individual eating a proper and well-balanced diet has more positive outlook than someone who is overweight due to overeating. Take charge to your eating habits.

2.     Exercise regularly

Clinical studies have proven that a regular exercise could bring out the much needed energy levels for a happier and livelier mood. Remember as one performs any exercise, the entire activity maintains a good flow of oxygen to our body, thus, allowing all our organs to function well and stimulates our brain to produce the “good feeling” hormones which are essentially needed to combat stress.

3.     Mediation and relaxation

In order to deal with stress properly, find time to exclude yourself from the demands of a hectic schedule. Set a certain day where you can relax and meditate. There are different ways on how to relax your mind like going for a yoga class, having that needed full body massage and spending quality time for yourself to think and analyze the things bothering you. Listen to a relaxing music and find peace in a quiet atmosphere.

Stress can really control our lives if we don’t do something concrete on this issue. The above steps are just one source among the many ways to relieve stress and live a healthier life. Of course, these activities cannot be done in one go, it takes a great deal of time, effort, right perspective and strong will power to improve your life for the better.


My Blackberries were Great This Year!

The blackberries hanging over my garden fence this year were the best I have ever seen.  For some reason they were twice as big this year and there were twice as many.  The bush was growing behind the fence and hanging over the top, right between the two swallow greenhouses.

So I picked a large bowl full and made them into a lovely blackberry and apple crumble which was delicious.  When I went out to pick some more about a week and a half later even more had grown.  So I picked these and had far too many I ended up giving some away.

I had to keep picking them before the birds ate them which would have got my two greenhouses in a mess as the birds tend to drop them anywhere.

Payday Loans can save you from debt nightmare

There I said it Payday Loans can be a good thing providing you are sensible and pay it off in time and don’t get caught up in a loop of extending the loan. I’ve had debt problems in the past and I can see the pros and cons so I thought I’d share them with your.

The huge interest rates can be off putting but think about the following advantages:

  1. Get the Cash in your bank account the same day, when you need it for those emergency situations
  2. Help for those people that suffer from bad credit
  3. Helps to improve your Credit rating
  4. Saves you from going overdrawn and paying huge bank overdraft fees which can work out more costly
  5. The loan can be a short term cash loan which saves from paying off a loan for several years ahead and possibly end up paying back more
  6. You can borrow as little as £100 and pay it back in a short time meaning you don’t have to get yourself into bad debt.

So although there is a lot of bad press about Payday loans they can help you repair your bad credit history and they don’t have to he a debt nightmare.


Why My Kids Eat at Subway?

Kids love McDonalds Happy Meals and similar offerings but they are not always a very healthy choice. Using a few Subway coupons and taking them to eat there is healthier but can you really get kids to get ezxcited about having a sub sandwich instead of a burger?

The Kids Meals at Subway are actually pretty appealing. In addition to their own “mini sub” kids get their choice of a cookie or a side of apple slices and then their choice of either milk or juice. They get to choose what goes on their sub and there is even a kids version of the Fresh Fit menu for parents who really want their kids to eat healthier. And yes kids, you still get a toy, the aprt of any kids meal that most children think is the most important!



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