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Installing a Water Filter Cleared My Skin

Up until a few years ago, I suffered from adult cystic acne that was physically and emotionally debilitating.  I had tried all of the topical remedies and multiple prescriptions, but nothing seemed to help.  One summer afternoon, I was visiting a friend’s house and noticed that she had an under sink water filter system in her kitchen.  I asked her about it, and she said she used it to protect her family from the chemicals and harmful compounds in the tap water supply.

Curious, I looked it up online when I got home.  Could tap water somehow be linked to my adult acne?  I was floored when I found hundreds of people online saying that installing a water filter helped clear up their acne.  I spent the next few hours looking at water filter reviews online and finally settled with a brand called Culligan.  It was delivered the next week, I installed it that day (very easy to do, thankfully), and my cystic acne has been gone ever since.  I couldn’t believe that a seemingly simple switch could change everything.

As it turns out, some people are extremely sensitive to some of the chemicals and compounds, like fluoride and chlorine, that are contained in regular tap water.  Switching to water that has these chemicals filtered out can greatly improve a person’s health, just like it did mine.  Some people may say that a water filter is expensive — mine was around $300 — but getting rid of my adult acne has been truly priceless.

Thanks Dad, For Teaching Me About Stocks

As you get older and hopefully begin to accumulate money, it is important to learn how to invest it. Today, too few people have any idea how to save and even fewer have the knowledge of how to invest money for their retirement.

I was lucky because when I was in my early twenties, my father made it a point to teach me how to buy stock. It wasn’t something that I was particularly interested in but he made an ultimatum: either I listened to what he had to say or I could kiss any chance of inheriting money from him goodbye.

Looking back now, I realize how lucky I was to have parents who not only taught me how to save but also were willing to teach me what to do with my money in order to invest it wisely. Most kids today are not that fortunate as the number of households that are in debt continue to rise. We have a society made up of spenders and not savers which means today’s younger generation is not going to be in a good position down the line when they reach retirement age.

It could be argued that things like investing, saving, and finances should be taught in schools. In fact finance is taught in many schools. However, kids really learn when they see their parents doing something. If they see their parents spending without regard, they will assume that is the right thing to do. Right now, too few children have the right financial role models at home and no matter how good a job the schools do, the kids parents play the biggest role.

Credit cards are misused by so many adults and parents that it gives kids the wrong ideas. Not everyone can be as lucky as I was to be born to parents who were financially responsible and it means a troubled financial future for many of them if they don’t learn new ways. Hopefully youngsters will start to realize that there is a better way than going deep in debt. Hopefully enough of them will decide to take their futures into their own hands and start learning about how to save and how to invest. Hopefully they will do it soon!


Debt Relief Helped Me Tremendously

I was stuck making horrible monthly minimum credit card payments for years, and let me tell you it was no fun at all.  I was literally eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch almost every day just so I could stay current with the greedy creditors.


Thankfully I eventually found a debt settlement company that promised to help me get out of debt in just a few short years.   Needless to say I was skeptical at first, but I really had no better option other than going through the dreaded bankruptcy.


Well here I am three years later, with no debt to speak of.  And boy does it feel good; I can actually put money away for savings instead of lining the creditor’s pockets; if you are in the same situation than do not hesitate to make a move now.

Sleep Apnea Ruined Any Romance In My Life

Ya know nothing sucks more than to start dating someone you really like just to lose her because of your sleep apnea problem, or should I say snoring problem; which is due to sleep apnea.   I had over five lovely dates and then on the first sleep over the next morning my new girlfriend said she couldn’t sleep at all because of my snoring.

I told her it was because of my apnea and for some reason that gave her cold feet, and she dumped me.  I know that this same problem takes place for so many people who are dealing with this condition.  Thankfully I found quality sleep apnea treatment and now have an oral device that prohibits any snoring.  This is terrific news.

Special Gifts for Christmas

I just went a little overboard with the Christmas gifts I bought for my wife and kids.  Even though times are a little tough and money is tight, it’s hard not to spend more money than you anticipated.   I know how thrilled they’ll be come Christmas morning, and that joy is worth a few extra hours of overtime throughout the year.

For my two girls I bought a lot of the “usual” suspects such as princess outfits and games, a lot of puzzles for my older daughter who is just a master at them, and tons of books, as that’s how we spend our special “daddy and daughter time” – curled up on the couch reading endless stories.

So that’s all normal stuff, right?  Well, for my wife (and not incidentally, for me too!) I got this amazing outdoor fire pit we’ve been researching for what seems like forever.  It was on the expensive side, but it’s a really high quality one and it has this neat set of cutouts in the side of the fire pit bowl that looks like the moon and stars.  So viewed from the side you can see the fire dancing through these cutouts!

Then where I really went a little wild was in this firewood storage rack I bought to store all the firewood we’ll be burning.  It was nearly as expensive as the fire pit itself!  It’s a top of the line Woodhaven firewood rack, and from what I can tell it’ll be worth every penny.  It comes with a lifetime warranty, which for an outdoor product is an amazing assurance.  It also comes with this really cool adjustable waterproof cover; it self-adjusts when you take firewood out or put new wood in and it keeps the wood dry from precipitation while still allowing the wood to breathe.  Sure, it was a big splurge, but I’m happy with the purchases and I hope my wife is too.

Is A Golden Wedding Anniversary Really A ‘Golden’ Time?

The other day I was searching the Internet for golden wedding anniversary gifts for a couple we know and I was wondering what it must be like to be married to the same person for 50 years. I suppose to survive that long the two people must have become good friends and have accepted the other’s peculiar ways. The physical side of the relationship, so often the catalyst that brought the couple together in the first place, must have dimmed or maybe been extinguished altogether, after all the couple are probably in their 70s; but as long as they enjoy each other’s company there is a basis for an ongoing relationship.

A golden wedding anniversary is an occasion when the family comes together to celebrate 50 years of marriage. After half a century the family will have grown: two people joining together will have probably produced children and they too are likely to have their own families. Having grandchildren must be enjoyable: the pleasure of seeing young children when they are at their best but without the stresses and strains young children can cause – they can have their ‘terrible twos’ moments after they have gone home!

Thinking about it, there are good times to look forward to when one gets that old, but there’s no hurry, I am happy to wait!

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