How to Switch Versions of Netflix

Netflix is probably one of the world’s first truly global internet entertainment companies. Of course, there are lots of entertainment companies who operate internationally there’s few that can boast a truly global reach.  If you try and access many entertainment companies and streaming sites from certain countries you’ll simply get redirected or blocked.  Companies like the BBC are only properly accessible from the UK, most of the US media sites only work fully in the US and so on.

Netflix used to be like this, if you traveled outside it’s coverage areas then you couldn’t get access. However around two years ago Netflix extended it’s reach to an extra 170 or countries and effectively to pretty much everywhere in the world. What’s more your Netflix account will work with any of them, so if you subscribe in Europe and travel to Mexico you’ll still have access to the site.

It’s not quite that straight forward though, because when you travel to somewhere new then your Netflix account changes too.  Depending on where you live this can be extremely frustrating as many versions of Netflix are simply not as good as others.  If you’re half way through some new box set in the US version of Netflix and  you travel across to South America there’s a very good chance that show will disappear.   The reason is that most of Netflix show’s at least all the ones not produced by them have to be licensed on a per country basis.  Which means that they spend different amounts depending on the market, the Belgium version of Netflix is never going to be as profitable as the US version of Netflix simply due to relative size.

This video explains

As you can it’s actually quite simple to switch from one version of Netflix to another. You don’t need to be locked into the version that your physical location determines. Which means that anyone can access the best version – the US one, or if you prefer to access another you can do that to. It should be noted though that most of the VPN companies like the one demonstrated in the video will only support US version of Netflix. It can be very difficult to find a way to access the Japanese one for example – without travelling to Japan of course.

Hopefully this will change in the coming years, it’s rather frustrating that the version you get is simply dependent on where you are. Especially as Netflix charges pretty much the same in subscription costs wherever you happen to be. There’s more information in this post here about how to unblock US Netflix in 2018 using the different methods of changing and hiding your IP address.

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