Quick Thoughts on my Not so New Wifi Radio

Some of the best value gadgets are of course not brand new but a few years old, I found a little beauty called the Squeeze Box radio for a very reasonable price.  These were extremely expensive when they first came out but now can be picked up for almost half the price.  They have also had a few firmware updates to sort out various issues that were reported when they were first released.  Cool design, cutting edge technology (now fixed) and a huge discount in price plus a great design – what could be better?

The Squeezebox Touch is a big upgrade from its little sister, the Squeezebox Radio. With a 4.3inch color touchscreen display, the same build quality and sound quality that made the Squeezebox Radio so popular, some are seeing the Squeezebox Touch as the first truly dependable wireless touchscreen radio.

Wireless radios connect to your home system using Wi-Fi and can subsequently be used to listen to radio stations all across the globe. As a result of the stream being taken straight from the web, there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of the audio when compared to a standard FM receiver. Just touch the “My Music” or “Internet Radio” prompts or one of your many online subscription services like Pandora, Rhapsody or Napster for instant access to your favorite music.
The Squeezebox Radio left many buyers wanting more. Is the Squeezebox Touch really the radio for the job?

I was wowed by the huge 4.3 inch screen in the compact Squeezebox Touch. The fact that it displays in clear, full color is outstanding. It is instantaneous in its response, and the on-screen menus are laid out in a very sensible, flowing pattern.
I really like the album art or available graphics that are displayed as you access different music, podcasts or stations. It keeps the music experience fun, and helps educate you as to what other music may be out there that you would enjoy.

Easy Setup

I have to say though that the “pull it out of the box and turn it on” setup is dramatic. Nothing could be easier, and this step really sets it apart from the other internet radios out there. You literally un box it, plug it in, let it find your WIFI, and you are jamming! Whether you want to listen to the BBC, live Australian Rules Football from “down under”, or any of the thousands of free internet stations from around the globe, the Squeezebox Touch takes you there.  It also has the ability to add network specific connection details so that you can even add VPN and proxy servers.  I am lucky enough to have some great residential ones which I use as private proxies for Instagram.  You can actually add them here to access music sources which are often blocked due to your location.  In my instance I use them to access Pandora which is geo-locked to the USA only.

Control from your computer is sort of clunky, so I just stuck to the remote, and everything was fine. As I moved the unit around the house, it never drifted or lost clarity. If you have a signal, the Logitech Squeezebox Touch can access your stereo system and deliver your favorite sounds to your home stereo system or other powered speaker set.
Rich Hi Fi Sound

The Squeezebox Touch is designed to connect to your home hi-fi system or powered speakers. It offers “high resolution encoding support for full, rich stereo sound” which is a fancy way of saying this compact, space-saving 10 x 8.5 x 5 inch table-top stereo receiver transfers digital music to full-sound via your home stereo or other powered speakers easily.
The USB port and SD card slot allow access to all your music hardware. And there are a ton of software programmers who have created a load of apps for the Logitech Squeezebox Touch that extend its versatility even further.

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