Searching for an Online Income?

Thanks to the internet, the world is now full of people who make their living online.   Now I’m not just talking about those annoying YouTube characters who seem to earn millions for doing nothing very much.  For every high profile celebrity, there are literally thousands of people running small websites, drop shipping businesses and even blogs on all sorts of subjects.  Many of these are using the internet to replace a traditional income and run their small businesses from home.

It’s often surprising to those who just use the web for entertainment or ordinary tasks that so many people have discovered a way to finance their lives. Yet for those of us who do make the majority of their income online – it’s actually incredibly common.  It’s something that obviously appeals to many people, especially if you look at how many people search for terms like ‘ make money online’ or ‘earn money from blogging’.   You’ll also find many thousands of pages showing you how to do this or even to become rich online.

The reality is that although a few do become very rich from the internet, the majority just make a living.   Running things like stores on eBay can potentially make you rich but it’s actually very hard work and most simply earn a normal income.  The ones who succeed in that environment have often invested huge amounts anyway in infrastructure, stock and people just like a normal physical business.

What does often surprise people is the sheer variety of money making possibilities online. Money making ideas that seem far fetched often become reality online for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • Global Market – even the smallest niche market can become viable online because of the size of the internet.  The market for something extremely niche like growing specialized orchids would be way to small for a physical shop, but the market could be huge when viewed globally.
  • Set up Costs – in the UK retailers on the high street are increasingly struggling as it costs so much to run a physical retail premises. However you can literally set up an eCommerce store online for a few pounds.  Obviously this doesn’t guarantee success but it makes the price of failure much less.
  • Adaptability – many people I know have started online businesses in one area and ended up being successful in something very different.  It’s pretty easy to change, adapt and head off in a completely different direction online as long as you have a flexible attitude.
  • Time – one of the best things about starting an online business is that you can do it in your spare time.  It doesn’t need to be all consuming, indeed many of the most successful people I know online have started their businesses alongside full time jobs.  You don’t need to commit hundred percent until you see a chance to be successful.

All these suggest that making money online is easy, of course it isn’t and many more people fail than succeed.  However it’s certainly possible and every day more and more people are switching online with all the advantages it brings.  For example I spoke to young man who makes all his money buying and selling sports shoes online recently.   All he does is use a series of computer programs and these ATC proxies as described here, to buy limited release sneakers and resell them on eBay.  This simple concept earns him a six figure sum every year with limited time requirements.

It’s a slightly technical thing to do, but there are actually books and guides explaining what you can do online anyway.  Some might find it a little unethical but there’s nothing actually illegals going on merely using technology to buy up stock and resell it.  It’s an example of how a trivial little method can be scaled up to produce a huge income online.  All you need it a home computer, a credit card and the knowledge to implement a plan to be successful.

The way our lives are migrating online the opportunities for making money on the web will only grow.  It is hoped that in developing countries in places like Africa the internet will offer chances to people to establish businesses with limited capital.  It’s happening now as there are lots of people in places like India becoming very successful online with limited resources.

If you’re looking to escape that boring 9-5 office job and thinking it might not be achievable, please don’t give up heart.  You don;t have to be a YouTube media sensation to escape, a simple blog or eCommerce store is not that hard to set up and can be the key to a new life.  Just start looking at the internet in a different way, try to look at what you use it for and look for opportunities there.  There are opportunities everywhere if you look properly, only yesterday I bought a product allowing me to access US Netflix trial from the UK, yet another business which the internet has brought us.


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