Accessing Media Sites.

There are many great art shows and documentaries available online, some require subscriptions others are only available in specific countries and locations.  Here is a list of specific sites which can make them accessible.

Netflix Using a Proxy –

Unfortunately the media streaming giant used to be readily accessible using a proxy server anywhere in the world.  However they have introduced counter measures that block access from different regions.  The video above explains the process.


BBC VPN Block –

Some of the best art resources and programmes can be found on British TV, specifically the BBC, Channels 4 and 5. However none of these are accessible from outside the UK even if you possess a UK TV licence.  You used to be able to access these using proxies and VPNs however these methods have been largely blocked.    The link above demonstrates how you can still watch the BBC from anywhere.

Residential VPN and IP Addresses –

The world of region locking and bypassing these blocks is changing.  The humble proxy server doesn’t work anymore as they are blocked by almost every media sites.   However there is still a way where you can hide your location by using the new generation of VPN services which use residential ip addresses instead of commercial ones.

Anonymous Torrenting –

If you’ve ever heard or used the wonderful BitTorrent clients, you’ll know how easy it is to download the latest movies and music from the swarm.  Unfortunately there is another word you should learn that of DCMA and the possible fines you’ll face from copyright holders.  To use torrents safely you must do this anonymously and hide your identity and IP address, this short article explains the concepts and offers a solution.