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Selecting The Best E Cigarette From A Crowded Marketplace

I’ve talked before in this blog about how the e cigarette is a product which has the potential to help you get off tobacco products, and that making the switch could be beneficial to your health. Since there are so many different brands on the market these days I thought I could be helpful if I ran through some of the top products to give you an idea of which are worth buying.

As I said previously E-Lites was the brand I discovered first, and it’s one which I still rate very highly, but there are others out there which have their advantages. Let’s take a look at two other e cigarettes which I think are worth considering when you want to get into vaping.

1. Green Smoke – The Green Smoke cigarette is a product which is familiar to anyone who has done the slightest amount of research on the Internet thanks to this company’s aggressive marketing techniques. Thankfully they are not only well known, but they also make a product that lives up to the hype. Green Smokes are undoubtedly made to a very high standard which sets them apart from most other manufacturers out there. Their electronic cigarettes taste great, produce amazing vapor, and last for an age before you need to replace them.

The only downside to Green Smoke products is that they are far from the cheapest on the market. You will still save a tonne of cash compared to using tobacco but if you are on a tight budget then you might want to look elsewhere.

2. Safe Cig – Safe Cigs are in many ways even better then Green Smoke but they have a couple of points which push them down into the number two spot.

The positives about this brand are the flavor of the carts (the best in the industry) and the size of their Micro e cig (about as close to the size of a real cigarette as it’s possible to get). They also charge very little cash for their starter kits which means you can get started for about $60.

The downside to the Safe Cig is that it doesn’t produce as much vapor as the Green Smoke so it’s not quite as satisfying to use.

Whether you opt to purchase the E-Lites brand I have talked about before or go for one of those reviewed here, you can be sure these three products are some of the finest available on the market today. Select one of these instead of the many inferior products for sale on the Internet and you ensure you have the best possible chance of making the switch to electronic cigarettes over the long term.