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When Irish Eyes aren’t Enough

When you’ve been away from home for a while, you can end up missing the strangest things. When I was living in Dublin I used to occasionally watch the TV3 media site called 3player. I wasn’t an avid user but the odd bored dinner hour or on the train home of an evening, it’s a nice little site but much of it has a distinctive Irish feel to it.

However a few months away from Ireland and it becomes much more important, the soaps, the documentaries and even the chat shows – i miss them all desperately for some reason. A friend suggested that perhaps I’m just a bit homesick and hearing an Irish accent is what I crave.

The problem is that if you try and access 3player from anywhere outside Ireland you just get a message saying ‘sorry this video is not available in your region’. It’s annoying as it implies it’s just that video, but actually you get that same message from the whole site whenever you try and play something. The reason is that for licensing restrictions nothing is accessible even from the UK.

Fortunately there is a way around this, you just need an Irish proxy like this video demonstrates –

As you can see you just have to fib a little and pretend your inside Ireland by using the server located in Dublin. This gives 3Player the impression that you have an Irish IP address and everything works ok. It’s very useful and I’ve tried it in several countries and it always works, in fact the principle means that you can access other players which are normally restricted too. I enjoy the HBO one which streams Game of Thrones and of course the BBC iPLayer is one of the best.

There’s another video demonstrating a similar service but they all pretty much work the same, the main difference is usually speed. You can even find a few free Irish proxies but I am reliably informed these can damage your computer as often they’re used to install malware and viruses on people who use them.

Getting the Most from Netflix

Netflix is becoming a style that is favorite as a means for folks to look at films. With the Internet connection it is possible to stream a few of the Netflix pictures that are most effective to many game consoles, PC, your television, and much more. Netflix is more suitable to look at films on for a number of these reasons:

It’s cost-effective. An increasing number of folks are utilizing Netflix being incredibly affordable. It’s also less expensive than going to your local movie theater.
Endless amusement. It is possible to return and see it as many times as you’d like which is a huge benefit when you select a film or TV show to see. What is more by using a technique like this video shows to change your IP address you can watch different versions of Netflix from around the world.

Advantage. You do not even need to leave your house. In case you’ve got an Internet connection it is possible to browse through TV shows or many popular movie genres before selecting that which you would like to look at. A few of the neighborhood movie rental shops don’t offer TV shows for rent; thereby making Netflix a convenience. Let us say you’ve got missed your favourite TV show for any reason. No need to stress because all you need to do is browse all of the TV shows Netflix provides. Netflix has caused it to be extremely simple for the customer to love TV Shows and films. It’s quite simple as well as the software allows you to continue just where you left off. Netflix recalls this. So suitable, so great.

Greatest Netflix films. Having a vast assortment of a number of the Netflix films that are most effective because of the various popular movie genres to browse and select from like Action, Play, Horror, Independent and a lot more. Some Netflix films that were good can normally be seen in older classic films like a monochrome Love Story or a classic Western. You might even find a way to track down Love story or a classic quiet Comedy.

Netflix has quite a few films the whole family will love from grandpa and grandmother down to everyone in between and the smaller toddles. With Netflix you may also appreciate not popular and popular new release films including an Indie film you are planning to see. Netflix makes it potential. You don’t have to look at boring reruns. You happen to be free for all those annoying advertisements.

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How to Choose a VPN to Buy

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets you make use of web for connecting to machines while making sure the connections are not public. VPN is extremely suitable, in the event you would like remote clients to connect Linux or Unix server, but it isn’t essential. The easiest response is the fact that; a VPN may be faster if there’s speedy internet connection at both ends and can go as quickly as other forms of connection. Really VPN servers can not be as slow as another internet connections although there are lots of things you ought to do to have VPN internet speeds that are more rapid.

Afterward, you need to choose a smaller authentication key size to boost your VPN connection in case your VPN can let you choose the authentication key size. That is for Tunnelblick software clients and open VPN. Most VPN suppliers lets you lower the control channel making the connection reducing the connection time. Replacing the host name of your VPN together with the server’s IP address, also can boost your VPN connection speed. Additionally, for that reason making your VPN speed to be quicker, than running the VPN and running your VPN on a quicker CPU computer lowers the connection time.

Keeping a connection that is secure is also quite significant in determination. It’s obviously wise to select a VPN server using minimal number of if possible 0% and information packet loss. Your firewall setting needs to be performed in ways which will enable your VPN to stream unrestrictedly. It’s also vital that you make use of an internet provider that is good to keep a connection that is secure.

You must know the state where the server is found, when attempting find a quick server for the VPN. The space between your nation as well as the state of the server matters a lot. It is possible to make use of the ping command to test the speed between the server as well as your pc. The ping command analyses advice that is how long requires to reach the server. This can reveal the number of milliseconds the information requires to reach your VPN server. As a result, you choose the one time as well as may choose between several servers open for you. You also need to select on the server.

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Introducing the Main BBC Channels

We’re quite fortunate in that we’ve a lot of radio stations to here in the UK.

In a average week likely around 55% of UKs listening time is actually to BBC radio stations. There is a slow decline in that percent over time, however due to competition from other stations and of course the internet. Although it is perfectly possible to access the stations online too, the majority of the BBC radio stations are available anywhere in the world – you can even listen on your iPad, try this.

The most popular by far is BBC RADIO 2. As the station’s first name implies, it mostly creates a wide selection light music of middle of the road, appropriate to get a mature audience. It’s had several long jogging presenters including Jimmy Young, Terry Wogan and Diddy David Hamilton.

It had been established as a fresh station to counteract the vast amount of pirate stations which were beginning to air overseas from boats. Tony Blackburn who’d come from pirate radio presented the initial show.

Radio 4 plays quite little music and is largely an address station for news, artwork and topical occasions. It really is the BBC’s main station and is truly designated to tune in to in case of a national crisis. It’s lots of long running programs like Girl’s Hour, The Archers and Desert Island Discs. There really are numerous advice and factual programs like the Transport Outlook which warns boats around our coasts of the climate. Initially it was known as the Home Service.

BBC 5 Live brings an extensive combination of news, sports and phone ins to the airwaves. It’s a live comment on all the major sporting events with a lot of soccer matches. Emphasis over time has shifted into a sports channel from more. The very first voice heard was that who went to sort, with Peter Allen, a multi award winning mix.

The least and specialist listened to is Radio 3 which was a rename of the Third Programme. It airs mainly classical and operatic music.

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My Idea of Travelling

I wouldn’t call myself a hardened traveller, but I have done quite a few long trips in my time. Six months before college was the longest, but I have also had quite a few 6 week mini adventures without much of an itinerary.   It’s an experience I can well recommend and the earlier you get into the mindset of the traveller, the more you’ll enjoy it.


The danger is of course, especially as you start work, that those all inclusive trips which ferry you to and from the airport to the luxury hotel.  Then you get whizzed around by the tour company on a series of ‘excursions’ which almost always cost a fortune.  The temptation is of course there, but if you’re not quite into this stage I urge you to try to be more adventurous when on holiday.

It does pay dividends, I can assure you.  You meet more people, real people from the country you’re visiting and not just other tourists and hotel staff. You also will see and feel much more of the place you visit.  As let’s be honest the inside of a 5 star hotel will not vary that much from Portugal to Australia.

It’s best to travel with a friend or two if possible, but travelling alone can be just as fun as long as you’re careful.  It’s worth remembering though that you’re much more likely to get lonely or home sick travelling alone especially if you have any problems on your travels.  My advice is to take with you a tablet or laptop so you can keep in touch with home – heck if you get a subscription to a service like this it’s just like being at home.  You can watch all your favorite Tv shows and catch the local news in the evening when relaxing – it certainly makes the world seem much smaller.

It also means that you can plan your trip, read reviews and get advice during your holiday. Heck you can even rearrange your trip whilst on it, of course that is usually subject to finance. The reality is that it’s easier than ever to do yoru own thing when your travelling now, try it and discover the joy which will stay with you for the rest of your life!