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Getting Cross with Technology

As I get older I find my temper is getting shorter, and without doubt the thing that makes me most angry is generally technology.  However many gadgets I buy, how ever many software packages or apps I purchase – they never seem to make life either simpler or more enjoyable.  For example I had a few weeks away in Europe with my job last month,  Nothing very exciting, some meetings, a couple of training sessions and the rest sitting around in conferences.  So I envisaged a lot of slack, boring time in between.  Now at first I thought it would be a great opportunity for some sight seeing but alas that was not the case.  My intinary took me to some of the most boring parts of Europe, mostly based in industrial towns without as much as a fairy tale castle or museum for miles.  

Anyway so expecting a few dull nights sitting in hotels where I didn’t understand the TV channels I thought I’d invest in an Ipad to take with me.  I didn’t have much luggage space available but this seemed ideal, I could watch the baseball, check my stocks and watch Hulu in bed all night when I was bored.  I was actually kind of looking forward to some quiet time with this luxury to help me.  But of course it didn’t work out like that – I first tried sorting out my stock portfolio one evening.  However I tried to logon and it wouldn’t let me because it had decided I was in a foreign country!!!  Annoyed I tried the helpdesk and gave up at the thought of twenty minutes on an internation rate listening to muzac.

Then I tried ABC to watch some sports, again I was blocked because I wasn’t in the US – aren’t Americans allowed to travel abroad !!! The same story with Hulu which also irritatingly informed me I was not in the US and so I couldn’t watch any shows (apart from a couple of old promotions).  So that was it, I was an American abroad an I seemed to have been reclassified as an Italian – I mean how stupid don’t they expect people to travel !!  I even couldn’t get on to my banking site as an Anti Fraud prevention system detected I wasn’t in the US.

So I spent my evenings researching, and eventually found a solution on this web site – it showed me that the solution was to change my IP address and pretend I was in the USA.  

There were suggestions that it was possible for free but nothing like that seemed to work and eventually ended up with yet another subscription to some USA VPN thing. In the end I was made to feel like some uber hacker breaking my way into my own bank account and illegally downloading shows from my Hulu account.There’s a video here too, ;I’m not quite sure if I was or not !!!