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My New Discovery

I love my TV shows, never used to watch that much TV but times have certainly changed.  I think one of the reasons is that my children have got a bit older and now no longer demand my attentions every waking minute.  Part of me misses this but at least I can sit down and watch a few shows uninterrupted.  My favorite are some of the great US shows that are produced which start appearing on UK Television.

Unfortunately I get quite frustrated waiting for them to air in the UK until I found a solution a year or two back.  It started with I think one of the many series of Lost, I got so frustrated waiting for the show to reach the UK I started looking online.  Of course there were lots of solutions but too many involved downloading from seedy looking sites or virus riddled servers.  The other issue was that it took forever to download from these sites and was rapidly turning into a full time occupation.

That was when somebody in the US told me about Hulu which airs all the best shows online (even streaming in HD).  She was right every show I wanted to watch and all slap bang up to date was there. It was looking good until I actually tried to watch something and then it all went wrong.  You see like lots of media sites Hulu has decided to restrict access to those people actually resident in the USA – which didn’t include me.  Whenever I tried to access the shows I’d get a little, polite message saying that I couldn’t!

But I persisted and discovered that the only way Hulu knows that I am not in the US is because of my IP address.  This address is linked to my ISP and country so is easy to work out where I am.  However I discovered  that it was actually fairly easy to hide this IP address and pretend I was in the US.  So I searched and after finding lots of rubbish servers I discovered that you could buy very cheap subscriptions to services that gave you access to a whole host of US proxy sites like these.

All  that I needed to do was connect to one these before accessing Hulu and it was fooled into letting me watch.  As long as I used a proxy server based in the US I was fine.  It’s worth checking out as you can also use this technique to watch the BBC Iplayer if you’re outside the UK too.

Source: www.proxyusa.com