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Jewellery With Heart

Wedding rings haven’t changed much in design over the centuries. Most people will settle for a respectable piece of silver or gold around their finger. Some might have a flamboyant piece that shows off wealth while others aim for a simple ring that signifies the bond of love being greater than the worth of the ring. For many Irish people though, a wedding band and pieces revolving around the claddagh design are of great importance for any traditional wedding.

Claddagh rings are a gorgeous piece of jewellery with a traditional Irish design that has been used to celebrate all manner of occasions. When a child is born the family will be given a claddagh band or the mother will be given a ring with the child’s birthstone in the centre. The design aims to represents new and long lasting lover with two hands clasping on to a shining heart.

For many Irish people getting married though, a band will be commonplace as a featured gift from a close family member. Many couples now even aim to incorporate it in to their wedding rings with claddagh patterns and celtic designs etched in.


It’s seen as bringing a level of Irish authenticity to the wedding and a celebration of culture far removed from drinking a pint of the black stuff or dancing to traditional music.