Did E Cigarettes Save My Life?

After smoking for over 10 years it was always going to be a difficult thing for me to kick the habit in to touch. I did actually try (and fail) on many occasions over the years trying methods that included hypnotherapy, nicotine patches and even cold turkey (i definitely don’t recommend this!).

When electronic cigarettes first became available I was very skeptical passing them off as another gimmick, so much so that I completely ignored them for a couple of years! WOW what a wasted couple of years I have since learned that was!

I first decided to try a brand called E-Lites after reading this review of the E-Lites e cigarette. I definitely struck it lucky first time around as they are a very good brand, I did however decide to try another brand just after this and they were pretty poor. If I had tried these first I probably would have given up trying e cigarettes there and then!

The good thing is that I am well on my way to giving up completely and only use an ecig once or twice a day at most. If you are on the fence don’t hesitate to try them out, like me it could save your life!