Finding a Wine Gift Today

Finding anything in a short amount of time can certainly be a challenge can’t it?  Think back to high school when you took the SAT, did the time limit help or hurt you?  My wife is a high school counselor so I know that although well over 90% of test takers finish the test in the same amount of time without a time limit, they use it to help add  pressure.

When you’re buying wine gifts for friends and family though, that pressure is certainly not helpful!

When you start looking for a wine gift, especially if you need it later on in the day today (or even tomorrow!) the key is to stay focused and to make sure you cast a big enough net so to speak.  While your gift receiver may love Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, you might have to buy her a Cab from Sonoma and make due.  There is, of course some type of trade off due to a major time constraint!