Holiday Check List

I’m going on what hopefully will be my best holiday ever next year, travelling all over India with a friend.  It’s by far my most adventurous vacation as I usually settle for the boring two weeks by a hotel pool.  It was my last holiday along the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh that I started thinking I was wasting my precious holidays.  The problems was that all my holidays were merging into one.  When you think about it a hotel pool is pretty much the same wherever you are, my two weeks in Egypt could have just as well been down the road from my house apart from the weather!

Anyway a daunting trip like this has started me thinking well in advance about what I need to take and do before I go.  Because I’m a completely obsessive blogger I’m obviously not going to put a list up on the fridge at home, yep I’m going to put a post instead!

Travel Insurance – got to be important on this one.  I’ve occasionally made short trips without insurance but not this trip.

Passports and Visas – I’ve a mind to check on visas for nearby countries too just in case I can nip over the border.

Innoculations and Medical – eternally paranoid about picking up some exotic illness, I want a jab against everything possible.

Money and Backups – I nearly always take a little cash now and rely on my cards for backup.  There’s normally ATM machines everywhere now.

My Notebook – so small and if I get my UK IP address program like this, I can watch the news on the BBC Iplayer every night! 

Well that’s a good start, I still have more  than twelve months to go but this trip is costing me a packet so I don’t want to mess it up.   I might actually make a slight addition to my trip as I’ve had the offer of visiting Tokyo too, wasn’t really interested before but checked on my Japan proxy program and I’m now very keen!