Installing a Water Filter Cleared My Skin

Up until a few years ago, I suffered from adult cystic acne that was physically and emotionally debilitating.  I had tried all of the topical remedies and multiple prescriptions, but nothing seemed to help.  One summer afternoon, I was visiting a friend’s house and noticed that she had an under sink water filter system in her kitchen.  I asked her about it, and she said she used it to protect her family from the chemicals and harmful compounds in the tap water supply.

Curious, I looked it up online when I got home.  Could tap water somehow be linked to my adult acne?  I was floored when I found hundreds of people online saying that installing a water filter helped clear up their acne.  I spent the next few hours looking at water filter reviews online and finally settled with a brand called Culligan.  It was delivered the next week, I installed it that day (very easy to do, thankfully), and my cystic acne has been gone ever since.  I couldn’t believe that a seemingly simple switch could change everything.

As it turns out, some people are extremely sensitive to some of the chemicals and compounds, like fluoride and chlorine, that are contained in regular tap water.  Switching to water that has these chemicals filtered out can greatly improve a person’s health, just like it did mine.  Some people may say that a water filter is expensive — mine was around $300 — but getting rid of my adult acne has been truly priceless.