We Have Finally Bought Our First Home Together!

I am really excited right now because my boyfriend and I are just about to move into our first new home together. We have rented for the last 6 months trying to save up enough cash for our own place and the time has finally arrived.

Unfortunately, it is going to take a few weeks to really get it anywhere near liveable as the lady who owned it before us was very old and the interior of the home was and still is extremely dated in design. We have such big plans with it – we are going to rip out everything and just leave the bare shell and then go about making it our very own home.

The first thing we will do is to redo all the electrical wiring, install a central heating system and get a new kitchen. After that is mainly cosmetic work but hubby says I can do anything I want with it – well, within reason and budget of course!

I haven’t been this excited for a long time, it really does feels like life is moving in the right direction now. Hopefully it will be just a matter of time until I get that ring on my finger!