What to do about bad neighbours

I hate my neighbors. If I never see them again it’ll be far too soon. I’m just sick and tired of being the one who has to complain. No one else in my building is willing to step up and ask them to be quiet. I’m surprised they still have any plates considering how many they smash. The screaming is unrelenting. And I can’t deal with the pounding on the floor. If I knew what they were doing I bet the DA would be pressing charges. I just don’t think that I’ll ever be happy living here in this block of flats. I’m always going to be on edge waiting for a crash or a scream.

What I really want is peace and quiet or I can get my paintings done. I think it might be time for houses to rent instead of flats because it will give me the kind of privacy I need to do my work. No more anxiety I can already picture. I could do anything about it. This place has been incredibly difficult to settle into because of all the noise. But without people on every wall but my flat, including above and below, it will give me the solitude I need to get my work done.

I’ve been pushing the paint around the campus for a good seven months now no image seems to come to me and all seems to blur. I can picture my new place now, lots of grass and green everywhere. I desperately want to grow my own grapes it would be an amazing experience. I can see the vines climbing up the trellises I built and they slowly begin to mature. I steer the vines along wood trellis and over the years that begin to bear more and more fruit until I have to start giving it away for fear of letting them rot on the vine.  Bliss.